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Twitpay is the leading innovator in payment technology for social media

We bring security, simplicity, convenience and promotional visibility to every social media transaction.

Waterkeeper is raising money for the response effort to the Gulf oil leak.

Malaria No More, Case Foundation and Twitter used RT2Give to pay for nets in Africa as part of

Literary Freedom Project works to keep literacy vibrant and a part of education.

Hand holding cash extends from laptop screen Leverage You Social Networking Investment

Your Twitter following is the next generation of new donors. Don't miss the opportunity to engage them now.

Promote Your Cause

Twitpay’s RT2Give™ service is a turn-key solution for Twitter fundraising. RT2Give™ enables nonprofits to leverage their social networking investment to drive incremental donations, as well as promote their cause: every gift is also an endorsement that spreads through the supporter’s network.

Drive More Donations

RT2Give makes it easy for your supporters to donate to your cause and use Twitter to promote you to their network of friends and associates. By using Twitter’s retweet command, your followers can easily pass along your request for support to their network of followers.

It’s Easy and Secure

Twitpay securely processes donations using PCI compliant technology that offers attractive economics due to reduced fraud, and seamlessly integrates with your existing payment channels and processing networks. RT2Give also integrates with your donor management system to provide you with the most current view of donor activity.