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Save Our Gulf

Waterkeeper is raising money for the response effort to the Gulf oil leak.


Malaria No More, Case Foundation and Twitter used RT2Give to pay for nets in Africa as part of

Support Literacy

Literary Freedom Project works to keep literacy vibrant and a part of education.

Oxygen Ball

Support the American Lung Association of Tallahassee by voting for your favorite local celebrity!


Miracle Jeans Day is September 15th! Donate $20 to support your local children's hospitals!

A Twitter Primer

A ‘Tweet’ is a short message you post on your Twitter account or ‘stream.’

That message is instantly delivered to those Twitter users who have decided to ‘follow’ you, that is to say to be alerted anytime you post a tweet.

Your message begins with your ‘avatar’ (usually your picture or brand logo) and your username or ‘handle’.

Your followers can ‘retweet’ your message to all their followers, with a single click.

In your tweets, you can use the @ sign to indicate who you are addressing. So if you replying to or commenting on a tweet from JohnDoe, you might send a tweet beginning ‘@JohnDoe’ to indicate you are talking to JohnDoe. The rest of your followers will see the message, but it is clear who you are addressing.

Finally, you can use ‘hash tags’ (the # sign) to flag keywords in your tweets to make your tweets easy to find by people using the Twitter search function. If you are sending a tweet about digital cameras, you might put ‘#digital camera’ in your tweet to tell the search engine that your tweet is about digital cameras.


RT2Give is a simple, secure system enabling your supporters to make incremental donations to your cause. Even better, Twitpay makes it easy for your supporters to pass along your appeal to their network of friends and followers, potentially multiplying the impact of your initial message many times over. Twitpay has made it possible for organizations like Malaria No More and the Waterkeeper Alliance to reach national audiences quickly and effectively.

For example, you might send out the following tweet:

Please help local Waterkeepers patrol 25,000 acres of Gulf waterways. RT2Give $25

Remember to keep your message under the Twitter limit of 140 characters. These short messages enable you to focus on your message and allow you to issue communications quickly, compared to longer email messages that require multiple approvals prior to sending.

2) Within seconds, the message is delivered to all those who follow your organization on Twitter. That could be tens . or hundreds of thousands of followers.

3) With a single retweet, your followers can make a donation to your cause! Funds from confirmed donations are quickly settled to your account electronically.

4) And we've saved the best for last. With a simple retweet, your followers can pass along your appeal to their network of followers. So if your organization has a hundred followers and each of them has a hundred followers and each of those followers has a hundred followers . you get the idea.

So what does this cost? Twitpay provides the RT2Give system as a web application so you do not have to purchase any software or hardware. There are no setup or monthly fees. Twitpay only charges a percentage of the donations actually paid including a small per transaction fee. With no up front costs, and no monthly fees, you only pay when you are raising money.

RT2Give makes it easy for you to push messages that provide both timely information and calls to action to your social network followers. The call to action is your request for a donation and/or to retweet your appeal to their followers. RT2Give helps you reach a new demographic that you may have had difficulty reaching in the past.